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1. I'm not Samsung, this means all of this Roms and other Software shown on this Website is UNOFFICIAL and will
void your Device Warranty.

2. I'm not responsible for any damages you will maybe get by following my Guides. If you get Problems i will help you very
sure if you contact me. but I'm not needed to do this so you if i leave my hobby you have to agree it.

3. I'm not Samsung, so there could be bugs or security issues in my Rom and if u face problems or get hacked ... it's your
Problem. but I swear you I didn't add any Spyware or keyloggers or any other bad things.

4. Please follow my steps only if u know what u doing abd watch Guides on youtube or etc. before start installation.
5. Please do not mirror/reupload my Stuff anywhere if you didn't get my permission.

6. All my Products are free so you don't need, pay me, a Donation is not needed but i would be happy.
but I won't pay you anything back!

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